Go Green
Go Green!

The world stopped due to the pandemic. We have proven that disease can lead us to connect, but also to stop, in order to protect people. We believed that this was an introduction to the FAST and DETERMINED slowdown of society due to climate change. We are not satisfied with the conclusions of the COB26 and 27 conference. We expected at least one concrete, symbolic immediate decision. For example, reducing the speed limit on motorways to 100km/h. Reduced speed would mean fewer emissions and a slower life.

How can a better food system be built?

We have a choice: we can continue to grow our food systems in a linear, exploitative and extractive way, or we can move to a system that promotes biodiversity, regeneration, nutritious food, equity and healthy people.
We have to transform the way we produce and consume food. This involves changing mindsets, trying new things and learning fast.
We know that business-as-usual is the problem. We must change course through collaboration between farmers, consumers, funders, governments, businesses and NGOs.
Together, we can work towards a food system that not only feeds us but also celebrates life – one that nurtures people, adds colour and flavour to our plates and palates and, most importantly, ensures us a future on this planet.

But what can each of us do now in our daily lives in relation to food?

We should eat five times a day. Do we plan our meals? Do we buy from local and sustainable producers? Do we create healthy meals? Do we plan what and where to buy in advance? If we don’t buy certain things, they will soon no longer be produced.

What are the new sustainable trends in restaurants?

We believe that sustainability is a way of life, even in a company.
Sustainability means that a company works today for the future, and that the team lives with dignity and develops personally.

How can sustainability be systematically introduced into a company?

Our Hiša Linhart has been awarded a Green Key environmental certificate and a green Michelin star for sustainability.

The certificate helps us to systematically monitor sustainability indicators.
The green star, meanwhile, was a reward for our own sustainable operating model.
Michelin says: "Every Green Star restaurant is different and works in its own unique way – but all make a difference to the world around them and act as role models to us all."

We live responsibly, moderately, respectfully and, above all, are connected to others.

We involve surrounding farmers in our activities. We buy local, organic, traditional, seasonal ingredients. Together with farmers, we revive forgotten dishes and ingredients and develop new products of tradition for the future (our Carniolan sausage, tepka pear juice, tepka pear pralines, trout caviar, trout smoked in black kitchen…). Farmers take part in our local market once a month.

We have our own gardens and greenhouses. We carefully plan what and where we will plant by ourselves and when we can use the ingredient. Together with the farmers, we plan what and where they will plant for us and when the ingredient will be available.

We have connected with vulnerable groups. People with special needs make ceramics and paintings for us.
We include artists in our work who present works of art to our guests.
We have connected with Radol’ca’s restaurants and inns and together we represent the destination of Radol’ca. Together we create and educate.
We have connected with catering schools. We include high school and university students in our work.
We share our knowledge through our cookery schools for children from 5 years upwards, as well as for adults and professionals.
We acquaint our guests with stories of tradition.

We create programs (for example: Join locals for a tour of the tastes of colourful  Radol’ca!), which also include other restaurants, museums....

We reward guests who come to us by bicycle or by public transport (the train station is located 50 m from Linhart House, and the bus station is 150 m away).

We provide our employees with an 8-hour working day, two days off per week, stimulating payment and the possibility of creative development. We want to raise the reputation of hospitality and tourism through our activities and through the continuous education of our employees. We want people around us to know that our work is interesting, creative and ensures a happy life.

- we are connected
- we buy locally, seasonally and organically
- we have our own cultivation areas, where we also grow vegetables by ourselves
- we consume everything we buy – zero waste is NOT zero TASTE, we explore and discover new flavours; zero waste means new, full taste!
- we do not offer bottled water in our restaurant, but rather only tap water

Don’t wait for politicians, act on your own!

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